FFA Week

ffa feb 2016

As many people in the agriculture world know, this week is FFA week for the USA and is a great time to publicize and endorse all things FFA.  I was not able to join FFA while in high school because I was involved in too many other great organizations (4-H, sports, youth group, etc)  While in school  I heard so many great things from my classmates who went to Randolph Schools to be taught by Ag Instructor/FFA Advisor Ed Terry.  They were so excited to be able to travel the short distance from Northfield to Randolph to take part in Ag class.  Now as an adult and after marrying into the Hallcock family I became involved with the Randolph FFA Alumni group as a member and have now served on the alumni board since around 2007.  What a great group!


This week to me though is all about the great instructors and students who take part in the programs across the country.  Here in Minnesota we have so many great FFA programs located through out the state.  Each chapter has it’s own niche and strong point.  One of the major impacts that Randolph has in the community is the Corn Drive for Camp Courage.  During harvest students travel the area visiting farms, gathering donations of either corn or money to go towards Camp Courage.  They have done this for many years and bring in a lot of money for the program.

During the week and every day make sure you show how proud you are to be involved with FFA; whether it be as a student, alumni, parent, or instructor!  There is a lot to be proud of and for one week a year this is the time to show off to the rest of the world!  Below is a challenge for all of you to do on social media:  ffa week

Many of you already use social media each and every day, so why not show off how #FFAProud you are?