Spring has Sprung

The birds are chirping, the flowers are growing, and new life is born in the country, what an exciting time in the country!  It’s April 18th and by now if you live in Minnesota or surrounding states you certainly know that farmer’s are hard at work, #plant16 is off and going strong!  My in-laws starting picking rock and digging up their fields early last week and are working on putting on anhydrous ammonia in preparation to start planting seed corn.  This is pretty early in the spring season to get started planting cofrn, but with the warm summer like temperatures, it’s hard not to put some corn in the ground.  Many farmers have already planted their small grains like wheat, oats, etc.

2016-04-13 17.09.05
My Brother-in-law digging up our field

As the seeds get sown the cow/calf operators are finishing up their calving crops for the year and working on keeping the calves strong and healthy.  Many times  the livestock operators also do cash crops and are busy doing a bunch of different jobs.  What a busy, but exciting time of year.  The farm families are helping where needed too; giving rides to fields, providing meals to hungry hard working souls, and burning the bridge at both ends.

Yes farmers hate being so busy and working the long hours, but in other ways it’s one of their favorite times of years as it means new growth and a fresh start for the farm.

On our tiny farm we have started raising broiler chickens in late March and by Wednesday they will be 4 weeks old with only 4 weeks left until they are ready for market.  It’s so fun seeing the chicks grow from week to week.  I’ve been taking a picture of them at each week of life and the changes they make are gigantic.

1 day
1 Day old
1 day
2 weeks
3 weeks
3 weeks

If you are ever in need of chicken please contact me and I’ll try and work you on to our buying list.  They go quickly so the sooner I know you’re interested the better.

Also at our place we are finishing up our lamb foster care service for the year.  We currently have four lambs left and a few of them are probably ready to go back to their owner, but please don’t tell my wife Karla!

2016-04-15 14.31.37
Our youngest ewe lamb named Annalyssa 

As you can see there are tons of exciting things happening around the area in the agricultural industry.  The excitement has been brewing for a wile and now the time has come to “get to work”.  What a great tie of year!  Please as you see people in the ag industry thank them for feeding your family and be safe when traveling the roads with their equipment.  I hope that everyone has a safe and prosperous spring and may your crop be plentiful and great.