The Great Debate

So I’ve been thinking, it’s near the end of January and it’s Presidential election year, and I have NO idea who to give my vote.  I see posts on social media, watch some of the nightly news, and all I see is thoughts and views from either far out Republicans or very liberal Democrats.  Where does one start to do research and find out the facts on the candidates?  I don’t want this to turn into people from the right or left bashing each other or pushing any certain side.  I guess what I’m looking for is something or be it some one in the middle of the ring.  This is a great country, but I believe we have lots of work to do to make it even better and I think we should have a new president who can do that for us.  Is that too much to ask?

Give me your thoughts, ideas, and facts that will help me choose.  What types of things do you do to pick the right person for the job?  You can comment at the bottom of this page or post on my social media pages either on Facebook or Twitter, my Twitter handle is @Randolph725  Thanks in advance for your sincere ideas and concerns!



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