Christmas in the Country- A Lil Fun!

Greetings internet world from our little farm here in Randolph, MN!  As I get better at this whole “blogging” thing I have learned that there is a huge network of great bloggers on everything agricultural related in Minnesota and through out the United States.  As a part of this network, I decided to take part in Christmas in the Country Gift Exchange 2015.

As a part of that gift exchange, each person in that exchange buys a gift for a blogger that we are selected.  I was given Jenny Schweigert who runs a site called The Magic Farm House I found out that she enjoys cooking and decided that who wouldn’t want a cookbook full of great recipes from Minnesota?  So I decided to get her the Minnesota Hotdish cookbook.  I hope she enjoys the recipes in it and has fun cooking them for her family.

The best part about being in this gift exchange was receiving a package from a Rebekah Gustafson in Wisconsin.  It was a rather large package and I was pretty excited to open it up and see what was inside!  This is what I found!

20151215_162143Merry Christmas to me!  What a great box full of goodies; from the nice tape measure, fun new games (Farkle and For Get It) which got played a lot during family Christmas get together, the toy John Deere tractor, large beer mug, and last but definitely not least, the thermal socks.  Now for those of you that know me well can get a good chuckle out of the socks.  Although my prosthetic feet and legs may get cold, I really can’t feel it, so it really made me laugh when I saw them in the box.  Rebekah, I hope you don’t mind me re-gifting these socks to my dad who may get a little more use out of them?!

Thank you Rebekah for the great and thoughtful gifts; I look forward to keeping up with your blog Cooped Up Creativity and finding out more about your family, and farm.  What a great way this exchange has been to find new “friends” via the internet and share the Christmas spirit with others across the U.S.A.

A great big thank you to the Lara Duban from My Other Exciting Self who does a great job coordinating Christmas in the Country.  #CITC2015

I look forward to doing this again next year and encourage others to try it for themselves.

Have a great day,

Brian – Lil Ass Farm



5 thoughts on “Christmas in the Country- A Lil Fun!

  1. Thank you Brian for you participation this year! I know it can be hard being the only gentlemen in this group of ladies, so thank you again for being the man of the group. 🙂
    Keep up the blogging and sharing your story! Like Rebekah, I don’t think I knew that the socks would not be the best “fit”, but like you, realize her intentions and love your take on it! I hope your dad enjoys them!
    Laurie – Country Link

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  2. Brian – it was wonderful to have you participate in the gift exchange this year – I hope you enjoyed it. Looks like your gifts (or most of them!) were fabulous, and I know that Rebekah won’t mind at all that your dad will enjoy those socks. It’s been so fun to get to know you and I look forward to following your blog for a long time to come!

    Lara – My Other More Exciting Self


    • Thanks Lara, love all you do for the MN poultry industry! Hopefully my dad gets better use out of my socks than I would. 🙂

      Hopefully we can get you on board as a Farm Bureau member in 2016!



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